The following rules cannot be changed or varied by coaches or officials


Girl's Modified Basketball - NCAA Women's Rules will be used.


Boy's Modified Basketball - National Federation Rules will be used.


Section 10 rule restrictions for both girl's and boy's modified basketball games:

  1. The maximum length of the quarter will be seven (7) minutes.

  2. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be one (1) overtime period of three (3) minutes duration.

  3. Any game that is tied after one (1) overtime period will end and the score will remain tied.

  4. There will be no shot clock.

  5. The three (3) point shot is not in use. All shots made beyond the three (3) point arc are counted as two (2) points

  6. Free substitution is facilitated by permitting substitutions on:

      a) any dead ball while the clock is stopped 

      b) any violation

  7. Two (2) minute press:     Teams cannot press until the final two (2) minutes of each half and the final two (2) minutes of the overtime period.  A team that is leading by ten (10) points or more may not press.

  8. Foul shots – one and one after seven (7) team fouls and after ten (10) team fouls, two shots will be administered. Lane restrictions are in accordance with girl’s (NCAA) and boy’s (National Federation) rules.

  9. Coaches will be allowed to call a time out.

10. Man-to-man defense rules (see next page)